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Alphaleonis.Win32.Network Namespace
This namespace contains network related classes.
Public classDfsInfo
Contains information about a Distributed File System (DFS) root or link. This class cannot be inherited.

This structure contains the name, status, GUID, time-out, number of targets, and information about each target of the root or link.

Public classDfsStorageInfo
Contains information about a DFS root or link target in a DFS namespace or from the cache maintained by the DFS client.

This class cannot be inherited.

Public classDriveConnection
Used to create a temporary connection to a network resource that will be disconnected once this instance is disposed.
Public classHost
Provides static methods to retrieve network resource information from a local- or remote host.
Public classOpenConnectionInfo
Contains the identification number of a connection, number of open files, connection time, number of users on the connection, and the type of connection.
Public classOpenResourceInfo
Contains the identification number and other pertinent information about files, devices, and pipes. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classShareInfo
Contains information about Server Message Block (SMB) shares. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationAccessPermissions
A set of bit flags that describe the permissions for the shared resource's on servers running with share-level security.
Public enumerationDfsStorageStates
A set of bit flags that describe the storage state of the DFS root or link target.
Public enumerationDfsVolumeStates
A set of bit flags that describe the state of the DFS root or link;

the state of the DFS namespace root cannot be changed.

One DfsVolumeStates flag is set, and one DFS_VOLUME_FLAVOR flag is set.

Public enumerationShareInfoLevel
The ShareInfo information level.
Public enumerationShareResourceTypes
Contains information about the shared resource.
Public enumerationShareType
The type of the shared resource.