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Privilege Fields

The Privilege type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberAssignPrimaryToken
Required to assign the primary token of a process. User Right: Replace a process-level token.
Public fieldStatic memberAudit
Required to generate audit-log entries. Give this privilege to secure servers. User Right: Generate security audits.
Public fieldStatic memberBackup
Required to perform backup operations. This privilege causes the system to grant all read access control to any file, regardless of the access control list (ACL) specified for the file. Any access request other than read is still evaluated with the ACL. User Right: Back up files and directories.
Public fieldStatic memberChangeNotify
Required to receive notifications of changes to files or directories. This privilege also causes the system to skip all traversal access checks. It is enabled by default for all users. User Right: Bypass traverse checking.
Public fieldStatic memberCreateGlobal
Required to create named file mapping objects in the global namespace during Terminal Services sessions. This privilege is enabled by default for administrators, services, and the local system account. User Right: Create global objects.
Public fieldStatic memberCreatePagefile
Required to create a paging file. User Right: Create a pagefile.
Public fieldStatic memberCreatePermanent
Required to create a permanent object. User Right: Create permanent shared objects.
Public fieldStatic memberCreateSymbolicLink
Required to create a symbolic link. User Right: Create symbolic links.
Public fieldStatic memberCreateToken
Required to create a primary token. User Right: Create a token object.
Public fieldStatic memberDebug
Required to debug and adjust the memory of a process owned by another account. User Right: Debug programs.
Public fieldStatic memberEnableDelegation
Required to mark user and computer accounts as trusted for delegation. User Right: Enable computer and user accounts to be trusted for delegation.
Public fieldStatic memberImpersonate
Required to impersonate. User Right: Impersonate a client after authentication.
Public fieldStatic memberIncreaseBasePriority
Required to increase the base priority of a process. User Right: Increase scheduling priority.
Public fieldStatic memberIncreaseQuota
Required to increase the quota assigned to a process. User Right: Adjust memory quotas for a process.
Public fieldStatic memberIncreaseWorkingSet
Required to allocate more memory for applications that run in the context of users. User Right: Increase a process working set.
Public fieldStatic memberLoadDriver
Required to load or unload a device driver. User Right: Load and unload device drivers.
Public fieldStatic memberLockMemory
Required to lock physical pages in memory. User Right: Lock pages in memory.
Public fieldStatic memberMachineAccount
Required to create a computer account. User Right: Add workstations to domain.
Public fieldStatic memberManageVolume
Required to enable volume management privileges. User Right: Manage the files on a volume.
Public fieldStatic memberProfileSingleProcess
Required to gather profiling information for a single process. User Right: Profile single process.
Public fieldStatic memberRelabel
Required to modify the mandatory integrity level of an object. User Right: Modify an object label.
Public fieldStatic memberRemoteShutdown
Required to shut down a system using a network request. User Right: Force shutdown from a remote system.
Public fieldStatic memberRestore
Required to perform restore operations. This privilege causes the system to grant all write access control to any file, regardless of the ACL specified for the file. Any access request other than write is still evaluated with the ACL. Additionally, this privilege enables you to set any valid user or group SID as the owner of a file. User Right: Restore files and directories.
Public fieldStatic memberSecurity
Required to perform a number of security-related functions, such as controlling and viewing audit messages. This privilege identifies its holder as a security operator. User Right: Manage auditing and security log.
Public fieldStatic memberShutdown
Required to shut down a local system. User Right: Shut down the system.
Public fieldStatic memberSyncAgent
Required for a domain controller to use the LDAP directory synchronization services. This privilege enables the holder to read all objects and properties in the directory, regardless of the protection on the objects and properties. By default, it is assigned to the Administrator and LocalSystem accounts on domain controllers. User Right: Synchronize directory service data.
Public fieldStatic memberSystemEnvironment
Required to modify the nonvolatile RAM of systems that use this type of memory to store configuration information. User Right: Modify firmware environment values.
Public fieldStatic memberSystemProfile
Required to gather profiling information for the entire system. User Right: Profile system performance.
Public fieldStatic memberSystemTime
Required to modify the system time. User Right: Change the system time.
Public fieldStatic memberTakeOwnership
Required to take ownership of an object without being granted discretionary access. This privilege allows the owner value to be set only to those values that the holder may legitimately assign as the owner of an object. User Right: Take ownership of files or other objects.
Public fieldStatic memberTcb
This privilege identifies its holder as part of the trusted computer base. Some trusted protected subsystems are granted this privilege. User Right: Act as part of the operating system.
Public fieldStatic memberTimeZone
Required to adjust the time zone associated with the computer's internal clock. User Right: Change the time zone.
Public fieldStatic memberTrustedCredManAccess
Required to access Credential Manager as a trusted caller. User Right: Access Credential Manager as a trusted caller.
Public fieldStatic memberUndock
Required to undock a laptop. User Right: Remove computer from docking station.
Public fieldStatic memberUnsolicitedInput
Required to read unsolicited input from a terminal device. User Right: Not applicable.
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