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SessionInfo Class

Contains information about Server Message Block (SMB) shares. This class cannot be inherited.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Alphaleonis.Win32.Network
Assembly:  AlphaFS (in AlphaFS.dll) Version: 2.2
public sealed class SessionInfo

The SessionInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveTime
The session active duration.
Public propertyClientType
The type of client that established the session. Sessions from LAN Manager servers running UNIX also will appear as LAN Manager 2.0.
Public propertyEncryptedSession
A value that describes how the User established the session.
Public propertyGuestSession
A value that describes how the User established the session.
Public propertyHostName
The host name of this session information.
Public propertyIdleTime
The session idle duration.
Public propertyNetName
The Computer name or IP address that established the session.
Public propertyOpenedResources
The number of files, devices, and pipes opened during the session.
Public propertySessionLevel
The structure level for the SessionInfo instance.
Public propertyTransportType
The name of the transport that the client is using to communicate with the server.
Public propertyUserName
The name of the User who established the session.
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Public methodToString
Returns the host name of this session information.
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