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OpenConnectionInfo Properties

The OpenConnectionInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnectedSeconds Obsolete.
Specifies the number of seconds that the connection has been established.
Public propertyConnectedTime
Specifies duration that the connection has been established.
Public propertyHost Obsolete.
The local or remote Host.
Public propertyHostName
The host name of this connection information.
Public propertyId
Specifies a connection identification number.
Public propertyNetName
Specifies either the server's shared resource name or the Computer name or IP address of the client. The value of this member depends on which name was specified as the qualifier parameter to the function.
Public propertyShareType
The type of share.
Public propertyTotalOpenFiles
Specifies the number of files currently open as a result of the connection.
Public propertyTotalUsers
Specifies the number of users on the connection.
Public propertyUserName
If the server sharing the resource is running with user-level security, the UserName member describes which user made the connection. If the server is running with share-level security, UserName describes which Computer (Computer name) made the connection.
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