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DirectoryCopy Method (String, String, CopyOptions, CopyMoveProgressRoutine, Object)

[AlphaFS] Copies a directory and its contents to a new location, CopyOptions can be specified, and the possibility of notifying the application of its progress through a callback function.

Option NoBuffering is recommended for very large file transfers.

Whenever possible, avoid using short file names (such as XXXXXX~1.XXX) with this method.

If two directories have equivalent short file names then this method may fail and raise an exception and/or result in undesirable behavior.

Namespace:  Alphaleonis.Win32.Filesystem
Assembly:  AlphaFS (in AlphaFS.dll) Version: 2.2
public static CopyMoveResult Copy(
	string sourcePath,
	string destinationPath,
	CopyOptions copyOptions,
	CopyMoveProgressRoutine progressHandler,
	Object userProgressData


Type: SystemString
The source directory path.
Type: SystemString
The destination directory path.
Type: Alphaleonis.Win32.FilesystemCopyOptions
CopyOptions that specify how the directory is to be copied. This parameter can be .
Type: Alphaleonis.Win32.FilesystemCopyMoveProgressRoutine
A callback function that is called each time another portion of the directory has been copied. This parameter can be .
Type: SystemObject
The argument to be passed to the callback function. This parameter can be .

Return Value

Type: CopyMoveResult
A CopyMoveResult class with details of the Copy action.
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