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Shell32GetAttributesOf Enumeration

SFGAO - Attributes that can be retrieved from a file system object.

Namespace:  Alphaleonis.Win32.Filesystem
Assembly:  AlphaFS (in AlphaFS.dll) Version: 2.0
public enum GetAttributesOf
  Member nameValueDescription
None00x00000000 - None.
CanCopy10x00000001 - The specified items can be copied.
CanMove20x00000002 - The specified items can be moved.
CanLink40x00000004 - Shortcuts can be created for the specified items.
Storage80x00000008 - The specified items can be bound to an IStorage object through IShellFolder::BindToObject. For more information about namespace manipulation capabilities, see IStorage.
CanRename160x00000010 - The specified items can be renamed. Note that this value is essentially a suggestion; not all namespace clients allow items to be renamed. However, those that do must have this attribute set.
CanDelete320x00000020 - The specified items can be deleted.
HasPropSheet640x00000040 - The specified items have property sheets.
DropTarget2560x00000100 - The specified items are drop targets.
System40960x00001000 - The specified items are system items.
Encrypted81920x00002000 - The specified items are encrypted and might require special presentation.
IsSlow163840x00004000 - Accessing the item (through IStream or other storage interfaces) is expected to be a slow operation.
Ghosted327680x00008000 - The specified items are shown as dimmed and unavailable to the user.
Link655360x00010000 - The specified items are shortcuts.
Share1310720x00020000 - The specified objects are shared.
ReadOnly2621440x00040000 - The specified items are read-only. In the case of folders, this means that new items cannot be created in those folders.
Hidden5242880x00080000 - The item is hidden and should not be displayed unless the Show hidden files and folders option is enabled in Folder Settings.
NonEnumerated10485760x00100000 - The items are nonenumerated items and should be hidden. They are not returned through an enumerator such as that created by the IShellFolder::EnumObjects method.
NewContent20971520x00200000 - The items contain new content, as defined by the particular application.
Stream41943040x00400000 - Indicates that the item has a stream associated with it.
StorageAncestor83886080x00800000 - Children of this item are accessible through IStream or IStorage.
Validate167772160x01000000 - When specified as input, instructs the folder to validate that the items contained in a folder or Shell item array exist.
Removable335544320x02000000 - The specified items are on removable media or are themselves removable devices.
Compressed671088640x04000000 - The specified items are compressed.
Browsable1342177280x08000000 - The specified items can be hosted inside a web browser or Windows Explorer frame.
FileSysAncestor2684354560x10000000 - The specified folders are either file system folders or contain at least one descendant (child, grandchild, or later) that is a file system folder.
Folder5368709120x20000000 - The specified items are folders.
FileSystem10737418240x40000000 - The specified folders or files are part of the file system (that is, they are files, directories, or root directories).
HasSubFolder-21474836480x80000000 - The specified folders have subfolders.
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