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BackupFileStreamSkip Method

Skips ahead the specified number of bytes from the current stream.

Namespace:  Alphaleonis.Win32.Filesystem
Assembly:  AlphaFS (in AlphaFS.dll) Version: 2.0
public long Skip(
	long bytes


Type: SystemInt64
The number of bytes to skip.

Return Value

Type: Int64
The number of bytes actually skipped.

This method represents the Win32 API implementation of BackupSeek.

Applications use the Skip(Int64) method to skip portions of a data stream that cause errors. This function does not seek across stream headers. For example, this function cannot be used to skip the stream name. If an application attempts to seek past the end of a substream, the function fails, the return value indicates the actual number of bytes the function seeks, and the file position is placed at the start of the next stream header.

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