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VolumeGetUniqueVolumeNameForPath Method
Get the unique volume name for the given path.

Namespace: Alphaleonis.Win32.Filesystem
Assembly: AlphaFS (in AlphaFS.dll) Version: 2.0
public static string GetUniqueVolumeNameForPath(
	string volumePathName


Type: SystemString
A path string. Both absolute and relative file and directory names, for example "..", is acceptable in this path. If you specify a relative file or directory name without a volume qualifier, GetUniqueVolumeNameForPath returns the Drive letter of the current volume.

Return Value

Type: String

Returns the unique volume name in the form: "\\?\Volume{GUID}\",

or on error or if unavailable.

ArgumentNullExceptionThrown when one or more required arguments are null.
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