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Shell32FileAttributes Enumeration
Shell32 FileAttributes structure, used to retrieve the different types of a file system object.

Namespace: Alphaleonis.Win32.Filesystem
Assembly: AlphaFS (in AlphaFS.dll) Version: 2.0
public enum FileAttributes
  Member nameValueDescription
LargeIcon00x000000000 - Get file system object large icon.
SmallIcon10x000000001 - Get file system object small icon.
OpenIcon20x000000002 - Get file system object open icon.
ShellIconSize40x000000004 - Get file system object Shell-sized icon.
Pidl80x000000008 - Get file system object by its PIDL.
UseFileAttributes160x000000010 - Indicates that the given file should not be accessed. Rather, it should act as if the given file exists and use the supplied attributes.
AddOverlays320x000000020 - Apply the appropriate overlays to the file's icon.
OverlayIndex640x000000040 - Returns the index of the overlay icon.
Icon2560x000000100 - Retrieve the handle to the icon that represents the file and the index of the icon within the system image list. The handle is copied to the IconHandle member of the structure, and the index is copied to the IconIndex member.
DisplayName5120x000000200 - Retrieve the display name for the file. The name is copied to the DisplayName member of the structure.
TypeName10240x000000400 - Retrieve the string that describes the file's type.
Attributes20480x000000800 - Retrieve the item attributes. The attributes are copied to the Attributes member of the structure.
IconLocation40960x000001000 - Retrieve the name of the file that contains the icon representing the file specified by pszPath. The name of the file containing the icon is copied to the DisplayName member of the structure. The icon's index is copied to that structure's IconIndex member.
ExeType81920x000002000 - Retrieve the type of the executable file if pszPath identifies an executable file.
SysIconIndex163840x000004000 - Retrieve the index of a system image list icon.
LinkOverlay327680x000008000 - Add the link overlay to the file's icon.
Selected655360x000010000 - Blend the file's icon with the system highlight color.
AttributesSpecified1310720x000020000 - Modify Attributes to indicate that Attributes contains specific attributes that are desired.
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