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ShareType Enumeration
The type of the shared resource.

Namespace: Alphaleonis.Win32.Network
Assembly: AlphaFS (in AlphaFS.dll) Version: 2.0
public enum ShareType
  Member nameValueDescription
DiskTree0Disk drive.
PrintQueue1Print queue.
Device2Communication device.
Ipc3Interprocess communication (IPC).
ClusterFs33554432A cluster share.
ClusterSoFs67108864A Scale-Out cluster share.
ClusterDfs134217728A DFS share in a cluster.
Special-2147483648Special share reserved for interprocess communication (IPC$) or remote administration of the server (ADMIN$).

Can also refer to administrative shares such as C$, D$, E$, and so forth.

Temporary1073741824A temporary share that is not persisted for creation each time the file server initializes.
MSDN: Share Types
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