Excited about your latest masterpiece, but filled with anger and fear
when you find out that a .NET path can still be too long for your app.

So, this is exactly how I felt, mostly angry.

I had written the best next-gen-file-explorer only to find out that it kinda sucked when I reached that dreaded PATH TOO LONG error.

Just as you did, I searched the net and searched the net and searched until I came across AlphaFS 1.5.
Wohoo! I was SO happy to see that people actually had put together this marvelous library
that in the end my next-gen became old-skool because I completely abandoned it and totally focused on AlphaFS.

The result of that is presented here today!

We are proud to present to you version 2.0 of AlphaFS.

“When the Path is too long, one’s journey may end.
Observing the First, as Alpha moves on.”


Highlights of version 2.0

  • AlphaFS is now distributed primarily at NuGet.
  • Because of major inspiration, some backward compatibility may have been broken. Forgive us for this, but we’re sure you’ll quickly recover.
  • Implementations of major .NET classes (File, Directory and Path, …) up until .NET 4.5.
  • Implemented a brand new file systems enumerator.
  • Added support for working with files and folders with a trailing dot or space.
  • Added support for AlternateDataStreams.
  • Added support for accessing network resources, like SMB and DFS shares.
  • The repository was moved to GitHub, to allow for third party developers to more easily contribute to the library.
Written on January 16, 2015